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January 2017


New year, new goals. BAM Percussion went back to New York City in order to present the show at the APAP conference. It is always good to come back to NYC and feel the constant movement of people and events. This year’s conference went very well. We had an early performance, creating an audience that had a nice mix of parents, kids and of course producers. Another added bonus is that we played on the very stage where Avenue Q is performed! It is only once backstage and noticing all the puppets and other props that we realized where exactly we were. BAM and Avenue Q. Who would have thought!?



Once back from NYC, we went back to our roots and performed for the Contact Ontarois conference at the LaSalle High School. Exactly where we filmed or DVD in 2006! Again, the crowd was awesome just like in 2006 and the response from the bookers seemed to be favorable. Crossing our fingers! 


December  2016


December was rather quiet in shows. But I did a gig with my original band Kid Sentiment at my favorite place in Montreal, Le Divan Orange. The band is inactive lately due to the members being busy with other projects. But you couldn’t tell from the stage. This band is tight and we always have a blast doing the set and that night was no exception. We were opening for the fabulous Garage/Punk band from the States The Toxenes. A good night of pop / punk / rock was had by all. 

On the recording side I have started laying drum tracks for a band called The Unity out of Montreal. This session is rather different as the band has asked me to record on my electronic drum, via midi, that is triggering sounds from software! Woha! A very modern approach to recording and one that took a few takes for me to get used to. Yet the results are indeed staggering! Stay tune for some upcoming examples. That is all for 2016 Cheers!

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November  2016


November was a busy month. Firstly I am proud to say that I officially graduated and received my Master’s degree from McGill University in Library and Information Sciences. Drumming and music will always be my passion. Yet, I have always loved to learn and I often wondered what other interests I had besides drums and music. Library sciences combined all aspects of my interest such as computer sciences, referencing and research. In short, it satisfied the geek in me. The two year program was at times challenging. For exemple, presentations and research papers due in the same week were common place. But it was mostly an interesting degree. And my fellow students were people I really related with, to the point that some of them become good friends.  I am Happy I did it. And happier it’s done :) 

BAM Percussion performed in the states again. This time in Parker, Colorado to play a show at the Pace Center. When we arrive somewhere we are always a bit nervous of our pick up. Festivals or cultural centers never seem to understand that even though we are a small 3 person show, we do have a lot of gear.  We require at least a minivan sized vehicle to be able to bring us, the drums and the rest of the bags for our show.  Parker Colorado I am happy to say you DELIVERED! We were greeted with a (drum roll…) a Mercedes Minivan Limousine!! You have never seen three happier guys for simple a pick up! It seemed to be a good omen to the rest of the trip, as the show went superbly well and Parker is a beautiful part of the country. And I got to see and meet some iconic planes. (See pics) Thank you guys!  

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August 2016


Souvenir of our visit to Montreal as part of the Carnival Estival Saturday, August 7, 2016. It just so happened that photographer Melanie Dusseault was present and took amazing pictures during the show. Here is one of my favorites ! Thank you so much Montreal and Melanie. BAM !!!

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July 2016


Thank you Rick Gratton!
In July, I realised a dream I had since my teenage years. Take a drumming class with the undisputed creative genius of ‘’linear drumming’’ and of polyrhythm’s, Mr. Rick Gratton. For me, Mr. Gratton is one of my personal TOP drummer of all time. I was looking to better understand his book called, Rick's Licks which I started to study lately. (Link:  

I was expecting an hour or so for the class. I was given a masterclass about the whole book and left with a greater understanding and appreciation of the density and rhythmic ideas behind it. Rick is a great teacher, total sweetheart and made me feel that I could finally get this book ‘’done’’ which I have had for over 20 years. Thank you Sir for your generosity, kindness and total devotion to making me understand your ideas. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be in my studio for a few months practicing this stuff. Let me know when it’s xmas.

April 2016


Eric Gagné band was selected to play at the Montreal famous Verre Bouteille venue Part artiste include Michel Rivard, Daniel Bélanger, Pierre Flynn and many others. It was met with great success and the venue was kind enough to give us a recording of the night's show. Have a listen to the one of the track 

March 2016


BAM has been choosen to preform at the renown festival on June 26th. This will be the 12th edition of the festival and a total of 55 000 people are expected to come.  We will be performing under the grand tent on the main stage. Come and join us!! BAM!!



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January 17th 2016 


BAM Percussion is coming to New York!  Our first show ever in the Big Apple. We are pretty excited  and are looking foward to entertaining you at the Symphony Space theatre on Sunday the 17th at 11am and 2 pm. See details and for tickets here: 


Here is an exlusive video made just for that show. Enjoy!

January 2016


It has been quite awhile since I have updated my site. But finally here it is! I hope you like it. It is more modern, with more media content and will be updated frequently since I can do it all by myself. (Thank you HTML 5 )


So please browse around, enjoy all the content and let me know what you think. If you are in need of my services please refer to the contact page. Cheers! 

December 2014




I have just been declared a second place winner for one of my favorite all time drum book/play along package and it's 10 year anniversary contest: Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials. After entering the contest at the last minute with a video I had done 2 years ago (Groove 6 with solo section) It is to my own surprised that I was chosen to be amongst the second place drummers. This contest was held WORLDWIDE.  So I am quite excited and proud, especially that the judging was done by the man himself, Tommy Igoe. 


My prize includes the whole Groove Essentials Package (books and DVD) plus a signed copy of Tommy's Groove Conspiracy CD, which I must admit is very good. I also want to give a shout to all the winners of the contest. It makes me even more proud to be amongst them because all the winners a very solid drumset players. Check it out at this site: