Denis Richard Jr 

 Professionnel Drummer and Percussionist


At Le Studio (Morin Heights) - Rush - The Spirit of Radio - Drum Cover

Drum cover of Rush’s The Spirit of Radio recorded at the very spot were Neil recorded his drums for the making of the Permanent Waves album. That spot in question is the now abandoned Le Studio in Morin Heights Quebec in the beautiful Laurentian area. 


Save Le studio.

Tommy Igoe Groove 6 Fast (With Solo Section) - Denis Richard Jr 

The Video that made me a second place winner in the international context - Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials 10 year contest.  

This is groove 6 with a solo section. 

Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run - Drum Cover - Denis Richard Jr 

Some covers are about the challenge. This one was about having fun. It's a great song on all accounts; melody, lyrics,  rhythm, changes etc. Just classic Bruce Springsteen. But it is also a great drumming song. Like previous covers of this era, this one I heard a thousand times and is just cemented in my soul. So covering it is just like getting it out of my system of sorts :P. I hope you like it and as usual have done it justice. Please subscribe to my channel and please share to anyone who would be interested. Cause tramps like us (passionate drummers) need more views :P Cheers!

Deep Purple - Burn - Drum cover (With exact studio fills) - Best Version 

I have been wanting to do THIS ONE for a long time now. The first time I heard it I went ''Holy $%@&* wow!'' Ian Paice chapeau mon ami... as we say. 


I will admit to having been studying this one for a couple of months now and believe me when I say I have studied it to death making sure I have the exact fills and nuances from the recording. So much so that this was take 2 (out of 5) of my recording it. :)  Proof that doing your homework is worth it.


I hope I have done honor to this amazing drummer and band. And hope it will help you to learn this tune on drums. Subscribe to my channel and please share this video to everyone. Thanks


P.s.  Why is there no more music like this these days?  Sad really...

Kid Sentiment - Toi qui attends dans le noir (Official Video)

Toi qui attends dans le noir est le premier extrait de l'album Maladrins bien élevés de Kid Sentiment. Cette chanson fut diffusée sur les ondes radio et s'est retrouvée en autres au Top 3 du palmarès francophone de CIBL 101,5 FM.

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Éric Gagné - Demande-moi donc (OfficIal Video)

Chanson tiré de l'album: En eaux troubles. (juin 2014) 

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