Denis Richard Jr 

 Professionnel Drummer and Percussionist


Career Highlights


•    University Jazz studies at Carleton university (Ottawa) under Chris McCaan (McGill) and Chuck Burrows. 1998-        2001
•    Teachers include: Paul Brochu (Uzeb), Magella Cormier, Kenwood Dennard (Sting, Berklee College of music)
•    Over 2500 performances with BAM Percussion across 17 countries and 4 continents.
•    Many recorded albums, several demos and local and national television appearances (Radio-Canada, TV5,              CHOT, CTV,  Breakfast TV of Toronto, etc.).
•    Winner of La Relève des Culturiades de l'Outaouais in 2002 with BAM Percussion
•    Recent Winner of 2nd place of the Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials 10th anniversary contest in 2014.
•    A YouTube channel with more than 1,515,198 views (February 2020)
•    Radio airplay and a # 3 hit on CIBL 101,5 FM with Kid Sentiment (summer of  2014)
•    Knowledge of several styles of music and a tireless love of every aspect of creating a product (album, shows,

      tour) and that it is successful.

Full Bio


Denis Richard Jr was born and raised in Ottawa, Ont. Like any other Canadian boy it was clear what Denis wanted to do in his life...PLAY HOCKEY! For ten years he played competitively around Québec and parts of Ontario. Then, in 1990 at the ripe old age of 14 and after a season of bad games and players wanting to fight more than play for the love of the sport, his second passion appeared and he hasn't looked back since. That passion was music. 



This wasn't a far stretch after all, being exposed to music day in day out since his infancy. His parents were constant listeners of music: "I remember a childhood filled with it and loving every moment."


Drums were the instrument of choice, after seeing a few of the big name rock bands of the time come over to his home town of Ottawa. Self taught at the start, it wasn't long that he was taking over the drummer's stool in the area's local bands.  Many shows, demos and various bands passed during the rest of high school and once graduation was accomplished he decided to study privately with local mentor Peter Beaudoin. 



1997 came along and auditions for Drummondville College and Carleton University were both successful. The choice came down to Carleton and he studied under Chris McCann at McGill University, who was also the teacher for Johnny Fay of The Tragically Hip. Wanting to have a broader versatility, he then studied with nationally respected teacher and author Chuck Borrows. Denis states that: "Chuck seriously kicked my behind on practicing and views about the instrument. And I am very grateful"



Tired of not being able to perform to his liking, he joined in 2001 the now world renowned percussion group BAM Percussion. Since then he has toured in 17 countries, won prizes (cultural and public), played for the half time show of the TORONTO RAPTORS GAME and recorded a television show with the Cirque du Soleil. 2002 in itself had approximately 100 shows in 4 months!! In short, he has performed over 2500 shows with BAM Percussion and his various projects in the last 15 years.



He is eager to experience more projects, get even better on the instrument and in music in general. He is currently living in Montreal sharing his time teaching privately, playing with the local professional artists, recording various projects and still tours with BAM Percussion. Unless the game gets sour he will continue to play and enjoy it.